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Author: Chuy Avila

Publish Date: 2021-01-05

Post-COVID19 Preparation

COVID-19 has shaped a new trajectory in lives. Daily business operations were so out of the norm. Hardly anyone had foreseen how businesses would have to adjust during a global pandemic. From a product and service provider's perspective, it was scary to realize there was no Pandemic Plan for Businesses 101 anywhere, meaning the generation that went through something like this a little over 100 years ago didn't leave a step-by-step set of instructions for a pandemic to come in 2020.
So, we found ourselves wondering what was to come. At first, our optimistic preview couldn't fathom that we'd still be dealing with this pandemic past October 2020. It's now January 2021, and our leaders tell us the recently approved vaccines won't make a dent until May 2021.

Given the setbacks of 2020, we must all work toward the objective and make the second quarter the most promising one of our recent times. This global pandemic has shown us how we don't want to live in a digital world! I'm not happy that I can't hug my family and close friends or shake hands and make eye contact with my promising future customer. I long for a face-to-face conversation with a group of friends or customers. I want to go out and enjoy dinner with my family and friends at our favorite restaurant. I want to pull up to a business of interest without having to go back for a face mask! I want to get to touch, feel, and be around things without the fear of catching a deadly virus!
We are creatures that need social and personal interactions!

This period has highlighted how important that face-to-face connection is, and subsequently, it's proven how impactful physical marketing pieces can be. Luckily, Apartment Ideas has been at the forefront of creating new products. As new technology emerges, we've purchased the latest print equipment to produce impactful marketing pieces relevant to the apartment industry. We're gearing up for the hopeful near future. We're still here, working to provide our customers with products and services that will bring back the interactive lifestyles we had before this pandemic.

Moving forward, we'll introduce the products and ideas through these posts in hopes that you lease more apartments and retain your current residents longer.

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