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Don’t you just cringe when you see how many different pool signs you need to meet the demands of the city codes?

Pool signs don’t have to be boring. Meet the regulations, but do it with style. Need new building signs? “Welcome to our home” with your hours? Parking? “Resident of 10 years”? “Gate warning”? Bark Park rules? Fitness or computer center regulations? “Employees only”? We personalize it! Enlarge your site map for outside view. Visitors, law enforcement, first responders, and your prospective residents will love the effort you made. We design, shape, and color to match your property’s character.

We at Apartment Ideas, customize this amazing product to fit your unique community, personality or features. Great for Outdoor or Indoor!

Sign Options and Specifications


  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Cut Shapes
  • Full Color with UV Cured or Latex Inks
  • Variable Numbering


  • ACM (Aluminum Composite) 1/8” (0.125”)
  • PVC Plastic 1/8” (0.125”)
  • Corrugated Plastic 4mm and 10mm)
  • Medium Density Fiberboard 1/2”
  • Acrylics: 3/16” and 1/4”. Positive or Reverse Print


  • Back Mounts
  • Direct to wall
  • Stand-Offs
  • Easy Drill Materials

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