Newsletter Marketing Tips

  • Newsletter Tips

    • Make Your Newsletter a Game

      Place a question about your property (i.e. “What do you like best about our community?”) and draw a random winner from the responses. This is a great way to get feedback and to keep residents involved with your property.

    • 15 Minutes of Fame

      Highlight a resident’s achievements or their children’s achievements (honor roll, work promotion, volunteer work). Send us a photo with a write-up and your resident will see themselves famous in print. It delivers a wow factor for your residents.

    • Throw a Party

      Residents who have friends next-door are less likely to move. Parties and socials work great, so highlight your events with pictures for other residents to see.

    Newsletters are used primarily as a retention tool. It’s important to have something in writing to keep residents informed but going the extra step to get your residents in involved in the newsletter process will always deliver a better bang for your buck.

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