Direct Mailers

  • Highlights and Specifications

    A Direct Mail campaign needs to be as professionally presentable as possible.
 Our Direct Mail pieces are professionally designed and processed to meet all of USPS standards. Taking the burden off your shoulders doesn’t have to cost too much, in fact it will save you money!

    Request a Quote / Free Sample?

    • Free custom design and one day turn around on all direct-mailers
    • Free custom design and one day turn around on all direct-mailers
    • Free custom design and one day turn around on all direct-mailers

    Product Dimensions

    Choose from 3 popular sizes: 4″ x 6″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 5.5″ x 11″

    Product Options

    Printed on a Premium Gloss Coated Stock or, printed in full color two sided. All direct mailers have addresses and post-net barcodes printed directly. No labels! Plus, print on a non coated card stock at no extra cost! Minimum qty: 250 pcs.

  • Direct Mailer Tips

    • Don’t Print More Than You Need

      A unique way to capture your next long term resident is by capitalizing on your competitor’s weakness!
      Radio, television and newspaper are the wrong approach to voicing those weaknesses directly to your potential customer.

      Did you know that the average person is bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of marketing messages throughout a given day?

      A direct mail campaign will get the message across to your target audience at a very low price. Considering the high cost for every other advertising venue, don’t just mail once! Build your properties name recognition by campaigning several messages to the same target audience through a 2-3 month span. It may take some time to get that next term lease to sign with you instead of your competitor.

      Don’t let them forget who you are and what you offer!

    Let us show you how easy it is to send your Direct Mail campaign.
    1.Tell us what message you want on your mail piece.
    2. We design a unique looking direct mailer and you approve.
    3. Give us the name of the target intended.
    4. We print, address, presort and deliver to the post office. Approximate time frame: 2-4 business days.
    5. Your mail piece will be processed in a way that your Direct Mailer goes straight to your local post office to be distributed fast!

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