Brochure Marketing Tips

  • Brochure Tips

    • Don’t Print More Than You Need

      Over 20 years, we’ve seen many customers that have changed their content shortly after a large print run. Ordering as few as 250 brochures at a time lets’ you stay flexible, and it works better with your budget. If you are slow, then you simply don’t need a lot of brochures. Instead, you can divert your budget from marketing to retention.

    • Have Your Property Match the Seasons

      Properties look different during the changing seasons, so showing a pool photo in the middle of the winter won’t give the best look for your property. We change your photos for free, so you can match the seasons.

      Take a shot of your property in the snow, or maybe when your trees show off their beautiful fall colors. We can update and print a small run and make changes quickly to show off your property.

    Brochures give your prospects all the information they need to decide to join your community. Make your property stand out with branded colors and custom photos/logos.

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